Conceive it + Believe it + Take Action Now

Les Giblin


"Benjamin Franklin tells in his autobiography how he tried for years, with no success, to improve himself and rid himself of certain habits. One day he sat down and wrote a list of his short comings, such as bad temper, impatience, lack of consideration for others, and the like. Instead of just making a resolution to improve himself, he took up his short comings one at a time, and worked on them one at a time. Within the period of a year he overcame a great many bad habits that had been holding him back.

Right now you have in abundance many things that other people want. Offer these things to other people and they will gladly give you success and happiness in return. Maybe you have never fully realized that you possess valuable assets that other people are hungry for.

You never sell anything to anyone else until you yourself are sold on it. When you are sold, and the other fellow knows you are sold, he'll want it.

Life itself is the real miracle. And every time you can give another person more life - you are performing a small miracle. Anytime you can give another person's spirit a lift, or imbue him with more life and energy, you are performing a small miracle. It's very simple. All you do is make it a practice to give genuine sincere praise to someone every day."  Les Giblin